Magic Classes at Enigma Escape Rooms

We're excited to be offering high-quality magic classes from one of the best local magicians, Christopher Shelton. Each week will cover a different topic from card tricks to magic gimmicks for ages 12 and up. Each class will be roughly 90 minutes and held at our downtown Boulder location. You can choose a class that interests you or reserve all 4 weeks through our package deal. If you reserve our 4-week package, you will receive a discount off each class along with continued support each week.

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Card magic is a vast subject, encompassing many styles. These classes will cover topics ranging from extremely visual flourishes to invisible moves at the poker table. Please bring an ordinary deck of cards with you to this class and be ready to leave with some trickery.



Coin magic, and other close-up sleight of hand, is a challenging but rewarding skill. While still following the basic format of the others, these classes will be more adaptable, and include more individualized instruction for each student as they need it.



“Mentalism” is one of the most popular forms of magic today. We’ll learn how the rhetorical methods of ancient fortune tellers combine with the sleight of hand methods of traditional magicians to create a complex and satisfying mystery for our audience.



We’ll go over all the most popular gadgets, gimmicks, trick boxes, hidden devices, and more that you can’t find in a normal convenience store, but every magician should have a working knowledge of. We’ll also discuss the latest products being sold in shops.

Interested in how classes work? Read our class structure below...


Viewing and discussion: Each class will include a viewing session of historical or contemporary performance footage that is thematic to the evening. Students will learn the connections between the ideas of the old masters and the performances we see today on television and social media

Teach-in: This section of the class will focus on intensive study of at least one “trick”, “move”, or other deception. Students who are unfamiliar will learn the method and basic presentation. Students who are already familiar with the trick will learn, explore, and brainstorm new variations and applications of the core elements. All students will leave with directions to resources that will help them continue their study.

Open Questions: Do you have a general question about magic? A specific question about something you saw on the street, or on TV? Need to know where to buy the best sponge-balls? The magician-in-residence will discuss any topic, and provide any answers that don’t violate his ethical obligations to the professional community.

Performance and Feedback: Returning and advanced students are encouraged to perform any routine (thematic or not) taught in a previous week or learned/created on their own, for feedback presented in a masterclass format.


CHRIStopher Shelton

Christopher has been performing, teaching, and developing magic for nearly 25 years. His magic empowers the audience, leaving them asking not "How did you do that?" but "How did I do that?" His deep knowledge of the art allows him to craft a perfectly magical experience for any setting or audience. Whether on the street, in a living room, or on a grand stage, audiences of all ages find Christopher's magic tailored precisely to their own imaginations.

Christopher graduated from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC, and continued his training as a long-time member of the Shakespeare Gym workshop led by Andrew Goldberg. Alongside many great Shakespearean roles and contemporary masterworks from the 20th century, he is especially proud to have performed in many world premieres and workshops of developing plays. He also works as a director and dramaturg, and a magical consultant for theater companies.

Drawing on an expansive knowledge of magic, and his training as an actor and director, Christopher will help you discover the perfect tricks and become a master performer. Whether you just want to learn one, impossible card trick to impress your friends at poker night, or you are seeking to take the next step in a lifetime of study, Christopher has the secrets that will make your magic as unique as you are.