MYSTERY BONUS: If you solve The melton tablets, you win a free round of drinks!


Fifty years ago a magical spell was buried in the heart of Boulder. Now, a local secret society claims to know its secret. Prove you and your friends are worthy of their valuable treasure in a first-of-its-kind walking puzzle spanning multiple locations on Boulder's Pearl St. Mall and beyond.

PUZZLE MASTER TIP: This experience can take up to 2 hours depending on your expertise and determination. It is not timed, so you can do it at your leisure (or even stop for a beer.)

fun way to explore the pearl street area. i would highly recommend the experience to anyone, whether you live in Boulder or are just visiting.
— Annie

Tickets for The Melton Tablets

Select a date and time that works for you. Important: Unlike our other experiences, The Melton Tablets is reserved at a flat rate, and allows to have up to 4 people in your group. It is not a timed puzzle, so you can do it at your leisure, the average completion time is around 90 minutes.

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